• Great discounts for groups of all sizes.

    PerkPlusUSA offers discounts to you or your group.

  • Great discounts for you or your group!

    PerkPlusUSA provides special discounts and deals for you or your group’s members. Sign up to access significant savings.


Great Discounts.

PerkPlusUSA offers the same type of discounts to you or your group that large corporations get.   It’s easy to sign up, there’s no charge, and you can start saving today.

Any Group Can Join.

Any Group of any size (even just one) can participate in the perks and deals offered in PerkPlusUSA.   In fact, you can even create a group to join!

Earn Money For You or Your Group.

PerkPlusUSA is a publication of LifeWise Digital, Inc.  When your group uses PerkPlusUSA, you or your group will earn a share of the money merchants pay to present their offers.

Our Program in a Nutshell.

PerkPlusUSA is a group discounts platform for members of any group of any size (even just one).   Businesses, unions, schools, nonprofits, social groups or individuals can access the same type of discounts that giant corporations do.  Now, you or your members will have access to thousands of discounts, deals and special offers in the most popular shopping categories.  To access great discounts for you or your group, sign up today.

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