PerkPlusUSA is a group member discounts program presented by LifeWise Digital, Inc.   (LifeWise).

PerkPlusUSA.com is different from employee discount and benefit programs in that it is available to any group, regardless of their size or number of members.  Now, with PerkPlusUSA, any group can get the same kinds discounts and deals that employees of a giant corporation might get.

In fact, you can even create a group, like a family group, a neighborhood group, a school or church group that can now enjoy the same kinds of perks that corporate employees get.


  • Is committed to delivering the best deals and discounts to groups and communities of all sizes and shapes
  • Includes both consistent offers like great deals travel and events, as well as real time offers that merchants present to your group’s members
  • Discounts and Offers can be shared with family and friends extending the value to your group.

Even More:

Because PerkPlusUSA is a digital publication of LifeWise Digital, we share the revenue we earn with your group…so PerkPlusUSA is a great fund raising tool that benefits your members with savings, while your group benefits by earning money just using PerkPlusUSA

For more about LifeWise Digital, visit our web site at www.LifeWiseDigital.com.